Worldwide OTP Pricing

One price per country, for all operators





Messaging - Price of 1 OTP

ZA R0,3099 R0,2944 R0,2789
DZ R1,0298 R0,9783 R0,9268
AR R0,9642 R0,9160 R0,8678
AU R0,8656 R0,8224 R0,7791
AT R1,3355 R1,2687 R1,2019
BH R0,2905 R0,2760 R0,2615
BE R1,4527 R1,3801 R1,3075
BA R1,1939 R1,1342 R1,0745
BR R0,8656 R0,8224 R0,7791
BG R1,4387 R1,3667 R1,2948
CA R0,1220 R0,1159 R0,1098
CL R0,8669 R0,8236 R0,7802
CN R0,6553 R0,6225 R0,5898
CO R0,8679 R0,8245 R0,7811
HR R0,6957 R0,6609 R0,6261
CY R1,0580 R1,0051 R0,9522
CZ R0,9285 R0,8821 R0,8357
DK R0,3147 R0,2989 R0,2832
EG R0,8798 R0,8358 R0,7918
SV R0,5653 R0,5370 R0,5088
EE R1,1976 R1,1377 R1,0778
FI R1,1773 R1,1184 R1,0595
FR R1,1054 R1,0501 R0,9948
DE R1,2633 R1,2001 R1,1369
GR R0,7232 R0,6871 R0,6509
HK R0,7234 R0,6872 R0,6510
HU R1,1622 R1,1041 R1,0460
IS R0,3727 R0,3540 R0,3354
IN R0,1574 R0,1496 R0,1417
ID R0,4141 R0,3934 R0,3727
IR R0,6110 R0,5804 R0,5499
IE R1,0073 R0,9569 R0,9066
IT R1,1489 R1,0915 R1,0340
JP R1,1489 R1,0915 R1,0340
JO R0,4927 R0,4680 R0,4434
KE R1,0678 R1,0144 R0,9610
LT R0,4283 R0,4069 R0,3854
MY R0,5377 R0,5109 R0,4840
MT R0,4407 R0,4187 R0,3966
MX R0,5824 R0,5532 R0,5241
MA R1,1206 R1,0646 R1,0085
NL R1,4212 R1,3501 R1,2791
NZ R1,7069 R1,6216 R1,5362
NG R0,2336 R0,2219 R0,2102
NO R0,8515 R0,8089 R0,7663
OM R0,9618 R0,9137 R0,8657
PK R0,3316 R0,3150 R0,2984
PE R0,5682 R0,5398 R0,5114
PH R0,4974 R0,4725 R0,4477
PL R0,5069 R0,4815 R0,4562
PT R0,6910 R0,6564 R0,6219
RO R0,9490 R0,9016 R0,8541
RU R0,4611 R0,4380 R0,4150
SA R0,4124 R0,3918 R0,3711
RS R0,4728 R0,4492 R0,4256
SG R0,5482 R0,5208 R0,4934
SK R1,1989 R1,1390 R1,0790
SI R0,6461 R0,6138 R0,5815
KR R0,7216 R0,6855 R0,6494
ES R1,1489 R1,0915 R1,0340
SE R0,7948 R0,7551 R0,7153
CH R0,9032 R0,8581 R0,8129
TW R0,7137 R0,6780 R0,6423
TR R0,3529 R0,3353 R0,3176
UG R0,7791 R0,7401 R0,7012
UA R1,1489 R1,0915 R1,0340
AE R0,4148 R0,3941 R0,3733
GB R0,9001 R0,8551 R0,8101
US R0,1220 R0,1159 R0,1098
UY R0,9939 R0,9442 R0,8945
VE R0,6632 R0,6300 R0,5969
Monthly price

€ 85

€ 225

€ 425