High volume throughput & peak use

CERTA offers a push messaging solution for enterprises with the highest demands in terms of performance, security, personalization and robustness. Effectively reach your customers in their desk, pocket or wrist.

  • High volume sending
    Send out millions of messages in a matter of seconds. Our platform is able to send out up to 3.5 millions messages per 15 seconds.
  • Quick integration
    Start sending out push messages in just hours, using our API and platform SDK’s
  • 24/7 support
    From our Network Operations Center, we offer 24/7 support in connecting, routing and delivering.

How does Certa Push work?

What can I do with App push notifications?


Download our app

Download and try our free Certa Demo app to test our platform

With CM, push notifications (also known as push messaging) offer reliability when you need it most – so you can count on your app when informing your employees, communicating with your customers or reaching out to consumers. CM's App push notifications let you optimize your company processes, marketing campaigns, messaging communication and much more. With the ability to monitor and adjust the status of your push notifications anytime, you're in complete control.

The Certa App is available for IOS and Android:


How to implement Certa Push?

Implement our free SDK's

Deliver push messages to your own app or webpage with our free SDK’s; available for iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Safari and Chrome.


Integrate our API

Integrate our API in your company environment and start sending push messages.


Certa Push pricing

The price of a push message starts at EUR 0,0001 per message

Bundle Prices:
Up to 500.000 Push messages a month€ 500
500.000 - 10.000.000€ 1.000
> 10.000.000Custom price

How to get started

  1. Open Certa Push web app

  2. Download the Certa Demo app

  3. Start sending Push messages

How the market uses CERTA Push

These are some customers using CERTA Push

Logo NOS

The Dutch public broadcasting organisation NOS uses push messaging to send breaking news to the users of the NOS news app, one of the most popular news apps in the Netherlands.


The Ajax soccer club uses push messaging to send notifications to inform users when exclusive TV content has been added, e.g. special interviews, etc.

Logo Rabobank

Rabobank uses push notifications for multiple apps. The SOS App push notifications alert employees on system outage and it’s resolution. The MyOrder app uses push to send local push messages based on the GPS location of the user.

Logo Emesa

Emesa publishes several apps using push services. The Aladoo and apps send messages when users win an auction, when they have been outbid, and when an auction has been completed.

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Do you have the phone numbers of your customers at your disposal? Combine the strengths of SMS and Push by using our Hybrid Messaging solution.

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