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It is simple via our web page, via e-mail or using your own tool with the API

Send an SMS through the CM Online Web Page

It is possible to send SMS messages via the web interface to one or more recipients. Address lists can be created and stored for the sending of messages.

Send an SMS through CM Online

Send an SMS via e-mail

It is also possible to send text messages using your own e-mail program. Turn on the mobile number of the recipient in the To field and send the mail to e.g. 00447911123456@mail-sms.com

Send an SMS via e-mail

Send an SMS via API integration

The HTTPS XML API documentation of the SMS Gateway is obvious and easy to integrate. There are several example codes for the following programming languages: PHP, JAVA en C++

Go to API Documentation

Send SMS with an Excel file

Send a batch of messages, up to one million, to a list of phone numbers from your Microsoft Excel file. You can personalise your messages per phone number. We support .csv, .xls, .xlsx and .ods files up to 50 MB, from Microsoft Excel 2003 or later versions or from LibreOffice. For the fastest processing, we advise the use of .csv files.

Send an SMS via e-mail

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